Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Deccan Herald does it again

The Deccan Herald's list of Bestsellers dated 5th March 2006 features once again Mediocre But Arrogant as a Bestseller - but under the Non Fiction category ... along with other pieces of "non fiction" such as

The Inscrutable Americans; Anurag Mathur, Rs 95
The Wise and Otherwise; Sudha Murty, Rs 150
The Chronicles of Narnia; C S Lewis, Rs 745
The Alchemist; Paulo Coelho, Rs 195
Mediocre but Arrogant; Abhijit Bhaduri, Rs 195

But what is worrying is the list that is listed under their category of Fiction!!

The Google Story; David A Vise, Rs 595
A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Brysan, Rs 350
48 Laws of Power; Robert Greene, Rs 125
Corporate Capers; Dinesh Kumar, Rs 295
10-Days MBA; Steven Silbiger, Rs 295

Maybe there's a message in that!!