Sunday, January 20, 2008

India Finally Achieves Perth Control

This is my 100th blog entry. My hundredth run in the world of blogging.
So it is about a topic I have never written about - cricket. I may not know anything about cricket or ... for that matter I know nothing about sports. I suspect I was born without a sporting gene. Yet while I was using the remote control of the TV to flick aside channel after channel like an expert batsman, I could not but help take a peek into the world of cricket.

If you, like a billion Indians (make that billion minus 1) watch cricket more than you watch your own receding hairline, then you are probably celebrating. Australia was sixteen going on seventeen test victories in a row. Indian cricketers played spoilsport and broke the magic spell. Now Aussies will need to start working on that record creating spree all over again. The last time Aussies were halted was at Eden Gardens in 2001. Then it was Steve who had to say Waugh Bhai Waugh to the winning Indian team!!

Umpiring decision related controversies ruined the spirit of the Sydney test. Well there were umpiring gaffes in Perth too - but this time in favor of India. The odds are that bad and good decisions even out in life.
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