Sunday, December 18, 2005

Walden Bookstore's Bestseller List

Here's the list from Walden bookstore
  1. False Impression - Jeffrey Archer
  2. Predator - Patricia Cornwell
  3. At The First Sight - Nicholas Sparks
  4. Mistress - Anita Nair
  5. Kite Runnar - Khalid Hosseini
  6. Moscow Vector - Robert Ludlum
  7. Main Chance - Colin Forbes
  8. Camel Club - David Baldacci
  9. Shantaram - Gregory D Roberts
  10. Mediocre But Arrogant - Abhijit Bhaduri

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Sequel - Abbey in the Corporate World

Yes, the sequel to Mediocre But Arrogant is underway. Am working on the title - got to figure that out sometime, isn't it. I took seven years to write the first book - so figure I have some time to go.

Meanwhile there are reactions and responses galore to M-B-A and every now and then there is a mail that raises some hypotheses about Abbey's love life to be.

Sayantika Roy, who is an alumnus of BITS and now working for WIPRO, Hyderabad suggests:

"... I think Abbey should find someone whom he really really loves ... neither of the three ladies have the real thing in them ... Priya does love him unconditionally but love should be reciprocated... it shouldn't be a compromise...abt Ayesha , well she was never serious about it , she is out of question...and Keya , well her character isnt too well described. she is one of those mysterious chracters , i feel so...but u r the author so i guess u will figure it out :-)"

Sayantika says she wants to write a story herself. If it is about her Alma Mater she could call it "BITS and Pieces" (that was Abbey's suggestion).

Deccan Herald - Sunday, 13 November 2005

Triumph of the Mediocre
Tarun Cherian

Mediocre but Arrogant’ by Abhijit Bhaduri, follows the 84 batch of MIJ (Management Institute of Jamshedpur, a very thinly disguised XLRI) through 2 years of MBA – one covers QT, Marketing, Crowd Dynamics, and of course pairing, ambition, friendship… etc, etc, etc. The book looks through the eyes of Abbey, a DU, SRCC graduate who out of happenstance, (that he pretentiously terms serendipity) lands up in MIJ. ‘Mediocre but Arrogant’ doesn’t have a plot, or a semblance of one, but funnily that doesn’t really seem to matter, for what the book has in abundance is characters— that seem to be taken from your gang of college friends, (if of course you did post-graduation, or more specifically an MBA in the 80’s in India).

There’s Rusty, the streetsmart friend, Haathi, the institute doyen, who looks beyond the course to preparing the batch for life, Gopher, the slimy one, and Priya, Keya and Ayesha— the love interest… Fundu (needs no intro), Sethu, the resident brain… And friends is what Abbey needs in abundance, for the transition from an easy-going DU eco graduate to half-baked MBA type takes all the efforts of friends like Rusty.

Abhijit claims that Abbey is not autobiographical. Maybe not autobiographical of himself, but it feels like the autobiography of the 80’s college kid. Unlike the hippy 60’s, the naxalite & emergency 70’s, the 80’s college scene was, by and large, typified by a generation without causes— except maybe a decent job, a girlfriend, finding the dosh to buy rum, and going abroad.

Quite appropriately, nothing happens in ‘Mediocre but Arrogant’. Just the usual. Job interviews. Dates. Trying to pass. Crazy Profs. Friends. Real friends. Half enemies. Booze outs. Bob Dylan. But in that nothing happening, something happens. Friends, exams, late nights, affairs… the stuff from which college memories are constructed. The stuff that inspires drunken speeches at old college friends’ meetings. It is in this space of relating college life, the ‘no big deals’ of almost every 80’s college kid that Abhijit has excelled. The authenticity of the dialogues, friends, incidents, phattas, attitudes are the book’s heart. But what really makes it work is the interleaving of these in a quixotic, ‘non-linear edit’. Leaving behind a “We are like this only” feeling.

For long, too long, Indian writing, has tended to avoid the drab marketplace of life, the space of the middle-class-familiar. Life, ‘Mediocre but Arrogant’, reminds us (with oodles of nostalgia) is not just about the brilliance of the brilliant, but also equally heroic are the minor triumphs of the mediocre.

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