Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Write Your Review of Mediocre But Arrogant

If you have read the book, write your review here.

- Abhijit


Gautam Ghosh said...

mine is here

Anonymous said...

Just finished your 'first' book. Emphasis is on the 'first' in the
fervent hope that there will be a sequel explaining what happens to
'Abbey' and 'Keya' apart from other things naturally. Needless to say,
I loved it. You must be tired of hearing the words."Oh I was so
reminded of my college days"..yet..its so true. Except I've had a very
different college experience in Bryn Mawr, an ALL women's school. But
as I venture out to grad school, I hope to experience something
similar :).

Great Work! Witty. Definitely touches a chord. The book reached
h'bad's book stores on 1st August itself. Baba tried his luck on his
way to office after lunch and picked up the book immediately. I was
FIRST on queue to read the book. Ma is next and then Baba.

Will definitely recommend the book to all my friends. I think Pappu is
my favourite character. No Rusty. Ayesha has spunk. And i can safely
say these three characters are definitely close friends of mine in
real life. Just different names, that's all. :).


vikram dani said...

OK maybe I was not the first one to finish the book, but definitely the third one to put up his "comments".

The book is an absolute must read for all those who have passed out of XL. I propose they hand this out with the convocation certificates.
The book instantly transports you back to campus. Subtle usage of words in context like "galaxy", "FLIX", "JLT", " Chitto-run-john" are priceless !
I think every batch had a character described in the book. Like some one mentioned, there will always be a guitar playing, music crooning dude. There will always be a "pappu" in every batch. An absolute must read if you want to relive the 2 years in campus in about 200-300 odd pages. Cheers to a wonderful book.
An appeal to all on campus.... please buy your own copies so that the author gets his dues which he so richly deserves.

shyamali said...

Just finished the book.before I write my comments I would like to congratulate Abhijit for a brilliant book launch in Kolkata.His book reading was so funny and realistic.It brought the characters alive before our eyes.

The book is a trip down the memory lane for all of us.I bet everyone has friends like Abbey had in their colleges.The characters are well sketched out.There are some interesting twists in the tale.I liked the part dealing with Campus interview and of course the one about Chatto's class. Rascal Rusty is my favourite character.Definitely a sequel would be a fitting tribute to Abbey and Keya's romance.
Though there are quite a few typos but overall its a good book.The sketches are very well done and apt too.If you want to relive your days in the campus you should buy this book.

Kanuj said...

I just finished the book yesterday. I just couldn't get my hands off the book once I started reading it. It is a well written work of art, a well knit story about the love and life in a Business School, providing a great insight to what a mba aspirant's future life can be.
I had just finished the book "Snapshots from hell" by Peter Robinson which has a mention in the comments. YOur book is indeed an Indian answer to that book but it gives you a more local feeling.
At various points in the book there are sentences which are worth quoting and hence I've made a note of them....specially the ones spoken by 'Rusty', who is indeed my favourite character.
The sketches & humour are another things that make the book interesting.

With best wishes,

PS: Indeed out of a reader's curiosity: Did Keya met Abbey and what had happened with her? My guess-family problems and pressure-maybe for marriage. What do you say

sky-the-limit said...

Hi Abbey,
Just completed the novel in a single stretch...First let me thank/congratulate you for rewinding my thoughts some years b4..I just looooovvved the novel. I've never completed a novel in that pace.

I enjoyed the novel , no doubt about it, but some of the verry important things were left in mid way...

what happened to priya..??
and what made keya to vanish for a while and then come back on the last day...
Did she meet Abey again in she said???..These are the things that was filled my heard and mind yesterday...
I have just informed my friends circle about the great novel,I'm sure they will love it.(They love five point some one too...)

What real-life unfolds to one will always be manier times intresting than a novel..but when such a real-life story is made a novel...I'm sure it will steal one's heart.


PS. Out of curiosity..what happened to Priya. And did Keya met Abbey after it?.otherwise I find it difficult to sleep..
If you feel I'm not intruding in to one's personnal life..pls send me a personnal mail about the same..

Preethi said...

let me first congratulate u on ur first book and that too written so well, especially, the very well etched characters...i read it in one stretch, and maybe that was because i just wanted to know what would happen next...
But,like everyone has mentioned, i am eager to know what happens to Keya and whats going to happen to Abbey's relationship with her and Ayesha? And ofcourse, does he meet Priya?
The book made me go back to my wonderful college days....thanks to u...

sitara menon said...

id read the review of ur book on the net and i decided i HAD to read it so i bought my friend the book for his birthday and he's been tellin me he'll lend to to me since then but hes takin aes to read it. imagine my surprise when my uncle came back from his reunion at xlri telling me abt his junior who wrote mediocre but arrogant. well he got a copy and i finished in 3 hrs. the book is delightful. its funny and nice and weird all rolled into one which make it a BRILLIANT book. im not sure if u approve of comparisons but i like M-B-A better that five point someone. waiting to read the sequel. please dont take 7 yrs to write it