Friday, December 02, 2005

The Sequel - Abbey in the Corporate World

Yes, the sequel to Mediocre But Arrogant is underway. Am working on the title - got to figure that out sometime, isn't it. I took seven years to write the first book - so figure I have some time to go.

Meanwhile there are reactions and responses galore to M-B-A and every now and then there is a mail that raises some hypotheses about Abbey's love life to be.

Sayantika Roy, who is an alumnus of BITS and now working for WIPRO, Hyderabad suggests:

"... I think Abbey should find someone whom he really really loves ... neither of the three ladies have the real thing in them ... Priya does love him unconditionally but love should be reciprocated... it shouldn't be a compromise...abt Ayesha , well she was never serious about it , she is out of question...and Keya , well her character isnt too well described. she is one of those mysterious chracters , i feel so...but u r the author so i guess u will figure it out :-)"

Sayantika says she wants to write a story herself. If it is about her Alma Mater she could call it "BITS and Pieces" (that was Abbey's suggestion).


Aniket said...


The book is not available on Amazon. Can you tell me from where can I order the paperback in the US?



Abhijit Bhaduri said...

The US has only the Hard Cover.
Please send your address and a check for $21.95 payable to
147 Thoreau Drive
Plainsboro, New Jersey 08536

sahil said...

well, no suggestions but yes, do keep the sequel funnier. BITS n pieces can be a nice name. wat abt I I T and U U Coffee? or maybe I I M and U U Yum. hmm, now that the horses are getting wild, lemme guess, L L B...? no idea, u sort out, u're gud at it.