Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Monday Morning Musings

The Economic Times - February 20, 2006

Monday mornings are what that R K Narayan schoolboy character Swami used to dread most. The first day of the week can be daunting not just for schoolchildren. In offices throughout the world, the cry goes out on the need to meet targets and those in the firing line cannot even duck. However, for the young at heart and romantically inclined Monday morning offers the opportunity to pick up the threads after the weekend break.

And so college kids set out bright and early with a song in their hearts if not on their lips. Even roadside Romeos perk up at the thought that the old campus or office looks attractive even on the first day of a studious or working week. And it’s not just in Hindi or vernacular movies that college classes are full of lectures interspersed with sidelong glances. In real life, those taking down copious class notes could also be exchanging messages , either on paper or the silent SMS mode. A recent novel, titled Mediocre But Arrogant on the making of an Indian MBA, has a lass scribbling a message to a lad during an OB (Organisational Behaviour) class that “Go on like this and you’ll get a D.” To which the response is “I’d rather have an F from you.”

In the good old filmi days, of course, only Shakti Kapoor playing the campus villain (you know the one called Vicky who drives a rash Cadillac and whose industrialist father is the chairman of the board of governors ) would say such outrageous things to the studious heroine Seeta played by Hema Malini and be promptly beaten up by the poor student Veeru (poor not in terms of academic grades but family income) played by Dharmendra . That Bollywood stereotype of the poor but brilliant student may even have been inspired by the Chinese philosopher Confucius who observed in the 6th century BC that “the scholar who cherishes the love of comfort is not fit to be deemed a scholar.” ...



Shoumik De said...

Hi Abhijit,

I am shoumik De, working with microsoft as tech for business servers. I was recently got selected for this job which apparently I thought I never will make it. In training didnt comprehend most of the stuff... I was feeling that I am in a wrong place. Then I came across your book, I really like what your mom reminded you when you were feeling the same when got selected in MIJ.
Really helped my ego in this company and helped me open my mind more then i ever imagined.
THank you so much for sharing your invaluable expreance with and specially the leactures of the managment class.
Tumi aamader inspiration dada, good job!! All the best in your life.
Shoumik De

Abhijit Bhaduri said...

Thanks Shoumik for writing in. I am sure you will not only do well but one day be someone we will be proud of! As Haathi said, "Never underestimate your ability to make a difference."

The One said...

sometimes i wonder why you didn't use the real name. it has a certain nostalgia about it.

sahil said...

the journo who wrote this monday morning musings would be left with no option than to blast it in a comic way. surely he lived up to your rep and chose to take the 'abbey' road less traveled. the article is quite amusing and different,as far as eco times is concerned. had u been a woman (dont mind the age), i wud have definately left a comment saying, 'i'd rather have a F from you'. Sir, i lived ur story, especially the scribbling thingi, way hilarious, way real. been there done that, just re-visited. kudos n salutations.