Thursday, September 14, 2006

Qatra Qatra Jeene Do

Recently got a chance to act in a movie called "Qatra Qatra Jeene Do" - Qatra literally means a single drop of any liquid.

So the title describes the theme of the film - about living life one breath at a time.

The film is a story about Buddhi a special child whose parents played by Irrfan (of Maqbool fame) and Shobhana (of Mitr fame). The film is the debut film of Director Kaushik Roy (that's Kaushik the perfectionist trying to straighten the tie before shoot) and stars Anupam Kher, Rajat Kapoor among others. The costumes have been designed by Kaushik's wife Nina. Kaushik recently held a joint exhibition of paintings with his son Orko that was a runaway success. Besides being an artist, a film director and an accomplished photographer, Kaushik is a well known face in the advertising circles of India. The film is due for release in October 2006. Here are a few moments from the sets of Qatra Qatra Jeene Do.

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