Monday, October 09, 2006

Display at Universal Books, Lucknow, India

Professor Madhukar Shukla of XLRI has just sent in photos of the book Mediocre But Arrogant. He clicked the picture in Lucknow, India at the Universal Bookstore.

It is always fascinating to see which books my book is keeping company of. Whether in someone's bookshelf at home or at a major bookshop. It must be some kind of analysis that says that people who buy a particular book TEND to buy some other books from a predictable list. Is that something you can predict? What do you think?

If you see an interesting photo of the display of Mediocre But Arrogant with "interesting neighbours", do send me a photo with details of the bookshop where the photo was taken. I would love to publish it along with credits for the photo.

Madhukar also has a great photoblog at check it out.

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Raghu said...

I didn't read any book comletely, till date. But i have found this book [MBA] and thought i won't just leave it unread like i always do with the other ones, only because its easy to read ...unlike other complicated novels. I have read about 25 pages and found it to be very interesting. Some of the instances resembled to that of mine.. like an interview [his extra-ordinary intelligence followed by a word "serendipity"] ...even i hav such an experience which is similar to it..

I think Mr.Abhijeet Bhadhuri has prepared this book exclusively for youngsters like me!! >8)<