Thursday, October 04, 2007

HarperCollins to Print MARRIED BUT AVAILABLE

It is official. I am going with HarperCollins. The publishing giant HarperCollins, one of the largest English-language publishers in the world, is a subsidiary of News Corporation (NYSE: NWS, NWS.A; ASX: NWS, NWSLV). Headquartered in New York, HarperCollins has publishing groups around the world. In India they have been in business since 2002 as a joint venture with the India Today group.

I had to make a choice. After weeks of nail biting suspense, I voted in favour of HarperCollins to publish my novel MARRIED BUT AVAILABLE. After all they paid me the half a million dollar advance. Ok... now it is time for truth. Heck no it was nothing like that. In this cruel world it is the publishers who decide whther to take on your manuscript or not. So I am really excited that I am going with the biggest name one could have.

I will be working with Karthika their Publisher and Chief Editor. Quite a star in her own right in the publishing world, she has been responsible for launching many an author and novel. I am really excited about working with her. The editor plays a major role in what the novel finally looks and sounds like. So if you like what the book is all about, it was all because of me. Whatever you don't like is because of Karthika.


Anonymous said...

Hi Abhi
No wonder you have that very cheesy smirk (ordinary mortals "grin" celebrities "smirk"!)on your face.

Do not forget to take me along to the bank. Gurgaon is no longer safe for large withdrawls! Unless you intend to stack the moolah in NJ?

Jokes apart, we are all extremely excited about this news and pray for your success. BTW does Ayesha feature in the sequel?


Abhijit Bhaduri said...

Hi Karnail,
Thanks for your wishes. Yeah I will need help carrying those millions (hopefully you are referring to the moolah and not unsold copies!!). I am really excited about it as well. I hope the sequel will live up to everyone's expectations. And yessss.... Ayesha features in it too.

Nabomita said...


You have gone a step ahead. Just a gentle reminder, please put a picture of Abbey 's boss. Do consider this as PUBLIC DEMAMND . Cant wait to read how that gentleman life will become while leading Abbey ;) All the best !!!!!!!

Smita said...

thats great! congratulations!

Abhijit Bhaduri said...

Hi Smita - thanks for stopping by.
And Nabomita, all I can say is that you have to wait for the book to happen and then find out what Abbey's boss looks like.

Anonymous said...

hey abhijit..
Reminding of pix only.. am anxiously waitin for the numerous sketches in the sequel too.. let ur creativity loose..

Abhijit Bhaduri said...

Dear Anonymous,
There are pleNNNty of sketches in the sequel. Will put up one of them as soon as I have had a chance to scan one of them - just to give you a sneak preview. Thanks my friend for being so very encouraging.

shyamali said...

Hi Abhijit,
I want to read a sneak preview of MBA-II.Please post one just as you did before.That actually builds the tempo and makes the wait worthwhile.
Remember,we got introduced through the preview of the first novel.It really makes me smile when I look back!:)

Abhijit Bhaduri said...

Hi Shyamali
I will surely post some snippets on the blog to give you a sneak! Have been sweating on the edits.
That is the phase I dread working on.
Isn't it amazing how a post on a blog can help you make friends!!