Friday, November 11, 2005

Go Ahead You Crazy FLICKr...

Vairamani Pandiyan, my buddy who is a great photographer and someone who is always at the forefront of what is new on the Net and also claims to have read every joke on the Net at least twice (why? does he not get it the first time?) He has got some amazing photos on his page

He writes his review of MEDIOCRE BUT ARROGANT

Isn’t it great to have a celebrity as a close friend? It sure is. He tells me he signs girls' T shirts!The book shown here is waltzing in the bestseller lists along with Dan Brown and JK Rowling. Written by someone with whom I spent the best years of my corporate life, doing exactly what the characters in the story do. Wise-cracking, irreverent and carefree, making fun of everything, making puns at every turn and working once in a while. Mediocre But Arrogant; not exactly but something like that.

Want to know what really happens in the hallowed halls of a big-name business school? Don’t go for titles like ‘What they really teach you at Harvard’ and such. Truth is out here.

MBAs. These marauders, turned out by the dozens by business schools, invading the corporate corridors, stalking the boardrooms, weaving their web of mesmerizing magic and devilish deceptions, have effectively transformed the business organizations into powerful institutions with an 'A' in economic results and 'F-' for humaneness. Where do they come from and how are they made? Get an insider's view.

On a personal note, Abhijit is Anything But Mediocre. Jack of many trades and Master of caricaturing. Puns, limericks, silly skits, jokes, cartoons – he got me into many of those. When I torture some of my Flickr contacts with silly never ending puns, it is Abhijit who is to be blamed. But then I must admit that some his jokes are good. Otherwise serious publishing houses wouldn’t have bothered to publish his writing throwing good money. Then again, it may be bad money and may be his jokes are the kind people like and goodness has nothing to do with it.Meet Abhijit Bhaduri. Do read his blog for a flavour of the book. What next Abhijit? Syndicated columns, movies, Abbey dolls.... Sequels definitely, I reckon. Speculating in possible titles... Well, the protogonist is likely to graduate and step into the corporate world. So Married But Available, Mean Beast Always, Mayhem Bedlam And .... You are welcome to suggest. I'll get him to send you a free copy if he likes your title.

Thus spake Pandiyan and I loved some of the comments and suggestions his readers had to offer...
Someone who mysteriously signs as 42n81 said:

i love it that someone wants to stick it to the MBA's. it's a bad brotherhood of academix who couldn't make it in the real world from day one . . .i will buy this book, it's a promise :-)

i think an Abbey Action Figure would be nice as a next step . . . big money in those. Fun for kids of all ages. Abbey comes complete with a lot of Smoke & Mirrors, its own set of crocodiles they cry real tears !,

cute Super-Hero suit with the motto "Looks great in Theory" embroidered in real plastic, a full set of two gleaming hatchets to axe unsuspecting vested limbs of corporate entities, and gold velvet Commando Rope to pull cronies into cushy over-paid positions, or better yet, as Consultants!!!

Watch Abbey contribute chaos as he doles out money to same age-group peers that look strikingly like him! It's up to you to determine if Abbey's mission is actual corporate deconstruction or simply well-executed preservation of the peer species. Is Abbey doing it to create a loss-leading tax shelter or it is just because Abbey doesn't know how to really work?As if that weren't enough . . . wait, there's more!

If you buy the introductory Abbey Action Figure set today, you can get Abbey's Blood Red Corvette complete with special Personalized Parking Lot sign for half price.

Thanks dude!! Some of those suggestions certainly make sense. Will help fund the sequel - Abhijit

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Pandiyan said...

There is more where it came from... and none too wholesome for MBAs!!