Saturday, November 12, 2005

See You in Jamshedpur on 19-20 Nov 2005

XLRI, my alma mater is having a Homecoming party. Got to be there. Here's an opportunity for me to relive my days there - complete with chai and adda at Dadu's Dhaba and VOLUNTARILY eat the Mess food served by Basanto.

Meanwhile here is a mail from Amartya Banerjee - not Sen

Read your book.And i think its grt. i could myself relate a lot with the book because of two reasons.Firstly because i am an ex hindu college hence memories of delhi uni, and north campus came back flooding. and secondly becoz i teach in a B school in kolkata so the potrayal is next to original.

i teach media and communication management at the International School of Business and media(ISB&M).lthough i have never been to a B school myself but have done a professional course in Media hence well acquainted with the life style.Its a grt book and infact its a grt book to be made in to a film.Have you thought about it?Hope to read more from you in the near future. How about one outlining your corporate experiences??

Amartya Banerjee

Prof Amartya Banerjee
Chairperson-Admissions Professor-
Media& Communication Management International School Of Business & Media (PUNE/KOLKATA/DELHI/BANGALORE)
IB-163 Sector 3 Salt Lake City
Kolkata, India

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Namensgebung said...

Just started your book..... the openings kinda good..... lets see as the book unfurls..... i've kinda sad memories of trying to get into XLRI..... coz i missed it by a whisker a couple of yrs ago.... its been on hold for s'mtime now..... will try again....