Monday, April 04, 2005

Basanto debates which piece would be smaller

Basanto spends time looking for the SMALLEST pieces


Niharika said...

Sketches are taut with excitement & shadowed with pain, like life itself.

Best wishes,

Pandiyan said...

Come on, real basanto was neither lean nor mean!

R Sankar said...

Dear Abhi
Your novel sure looks fun. I hope your dream of seeing this on silver screen will come true.


Ramesh Subramanian said...

Your cartoons are as good as ever. Keep it coming! I realize you already have great cartoon ideas, but how about:
Shanks enthusiastically dunking the girls in the pond during holi?

Anuja said...

Super-awsome classnotes! are they original keepsakes from XLRI, or did you make them up more recently?

I'm looking forward to reading your novel, though am sure it'll evoke enough nostalgia to drown out many working days at office and screw up my deadlines as a result!

XLRI 2001 batch

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhijit: Your story will not be complete without Varada, our dosa man!!

(XLRI - PMIR 83-85)

Sumita said...


U do know that varada is no more, right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhijeet,
Eagerly waiting to read your novel...hoping copies of teh book are availale in Vasava Singhs or the agarwala book store... & the mess food is still awful & chicken pieces are still doled out to few lucky ones..
ANkush Kedia
BM, Batch of 2006, XLRI

The One said...

some things never change... Basanto's fishing in the degchi (I am sure even that hasn't change since 1983) for instance. We finally figured out his pecking order- on a scale of 0-4 (0 being only gravy)- men, bong men, women and bong women!!!

Jayanta xl2001.