Friday, April 01, 2005

Mediocre But Arrogant - the storyline

Mediocre But Arrogant - a story of love and life in a Business School is the debut novel of Abhijit Bhaduri. Set against the backdrop of a fictitious business school in the steel city of Jamshedpur, India, this is a story of how the two years of doing an MBA transforms Abbey's life, perspective and relationships. Anyone who has lived in a school or college hostel will be able to identify with the characters of this funny but insightful novel.

Abbey - the narrator and protagonist is in MIJ - the coveted Management Institute of Jamshedpur, as an act of "serendipity". That is where he meets several classmates in the Boys Hostel - Harpal Singh alias Hairy, David Chummanoor - Chumma for short, Arunesh Nanda - the guitarist who sings Dylan songs and the mysterious, enigmatic Rascal Rusty. And then there are girls ... Ayesha for one.

There is Dadu's Dhaba, Basanto, the Mess Bearer who doles out pieces of chicken to the select few as if it was a state secret. Ganauri - the dhobi who comes to pick up the laundry on his moped.

Will Abbey find the love of his life? In a Darwinian microcosm of the corporate world, MIJ has taught Abbey to hone his survival instincts and shave off jagged edges of his character. Is this what he wants to be?


Aniruddha Dutta said...

Abhijit da,

One of my friends introduced me to the world of blogging and here I am going through yours.

Your novel is eagerly awaited. The Starters have been served.

Awaiting the main course in due time.


Aniruddha Dutta

Anonymous said...

shabaaaash, abhi.
take care

Sumita said...

Hi Abhijit,

Cannot wait...for this novel to come out....Kudos..

Amby(PM 93)

Kush said...

Eagerly waiting for you novel to come out. Btw what does MIJ stand for??


Eesh said...

The blog is so alluring that I cannot wait for the book to come out. I agree with you Abhijit that this is big screen material. Infact, with characters like Rascal Rusty, this can lead to Indian version of Dilbert, although better (think about it). The question is, who should be starring in this movie. I can think of Saif Ali Khan, Mallika Sherawat. Love to hear from anyone else.

Shray Shikhar said...

Hi awaiting eagerly for ur novel...and this PIC of JLT which u have posted here is awesome..wish u all the best with ur novel and i will be among the frst few to lay hands on ur novel

Shray Shikhar
BM - 2006

Mus said...

Great sketches and looks full of great insights....the only thing that's missing is the music, which i'm sure will come in the silver screen! Abbey's adventure sounds fun. Look forward to reading it!

Sudhir said...

Great book and I loved the cartoons (and the wisecracks). Reminds me of an irreverant fat guy I once new in Ahmedabad. I am booking my copies now. Abhi you promised to do a jig when you sell your first 10 copies.

Hope there is no sequel

Malhar said...

Looking forward to read your novel,...I am sure henceforth everyear there will be some receipient of the "Abbey" nick.

Malhar Vadke
BM '06

Anonymous said...

Hey Abhijit,
Finally my comments will be posted , eagerly awaiting to read your novel and see the same on silver screen , if u remember I always said , you would be famous some day and my predictions have come true !!!!!
Soon I wil have the privilage of telling all my friends , that here is a novel by my long time friend and well wisher .
You should seriously consider penning a book on corporate cartoons , based on your life experience in the corporate world and I am sure that too will be a big success .
Look foward to your next novel and book on cartoons too ---
All the best always