Thursday, April 07, 2005

Prof Naresh Parihar - "Pari" for short. Taught us Strategic Planning


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff man. Really waiting for your novel to come out.

- ram, xl '01

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet these characters. Sounds like one of those 'can't put it down till you finish it' novels.

Jagpreet said...

Abhijeet ji,

Interesting!! Your world (of MBA) seems little familiar and I am curious about the unfamiliar part. Can you include some snippets from the novel? Prof Naresh Parihar - "Pari" makes me laugh. Very interseting and very creative (read unusual, different) site.


Somi said...

Abhijit, you know I love the book, I've said that quite a few times. I hadn't seen these sketches before, they rock! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the book release...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a phrase takes you wayyyyy back. I am remined of the Jampot mess. We once had a bet whether the warm, dark liquid in the stainless stell glasses was tea or coffee!

Good to know that the commute has not withered away your writing abilities...All the best

Atul - bummer 90
paapi in plainsboro

Rum said...


Can't wait to read your novel. Loved the sketches especially the one of 'Pari'

Khushboo said...

Hi Abhijit ,
Wonderful job creating this blog !!
Always enjoy your radio-show and now looking forward to this literary endeavor .
Your art work is full of life , makes us curious to read more on the characters.
'Shubhkaamnayen anekanek'

XLer 2006 said...

Cant wait to get my hands on the book..after reading the five point someone, had always wondered why doesnt XL feature similarly..well now it almost what if its MIJ..
psst: the dark warm liquid in the jampot mess still gets debated upon ;-)