Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Breakfast Show on NTV 7

Reading an excerpt from the novel Mediocre But Arrogant. Click the picture to play video.

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Anonymous said...

It was to alluring, to tempting and i could not stop my fingers, no i am not talking about misti dhoi or roshagulla, i am talking abt yr book medicore but arrogant, it was so tempting for me to write a email to you , that i could not stop my fingers.

Let me tell u something about myself. i am workingin Confederation of Indian Industry in Gurgaon, Haryana and have done my masters in Economics from punjabunive chandigarh. We let be trese that s abt me...albeit i am also prep for CAT and XAT and trying my luck as even i share yr thoughts..serendiptiy to be presice to be a part of soem prestigious inst in India incl XLRI Jamshedpur...

I read yr book few days back..3 to be presice and have been intoxicated by it. With Characters like abbhey, rusty fav..fundu..priya and keya all have been so interesting to read through. Well the book has rekindled the zeal in me to go 4 MBA and enjoy the rigress stress of doing MBA...well another oxymoron ...hahah

well anywaz thk for coming out with such a nice book and wish u all the best andcheers to u and hey so when r u coming with another one???

PS: plz do clarify are all the characters fiction or is thr some resembelence to the frds u had in MIJ


Amit K Nanchahal