Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Interview on Malaysian National TV with Will Kuah

The bookstores in Kuala Lumpur do not have the book yet. A first time writer has to do everything (and you thought all they had to do was write?) - including visiting bookstores only to be told that by one helpful lady at the counter of Kinokuniya Bookstore (http://www.kinokuniya.com/) at the Suria KLCC mall that "people rarely ask for mediocre books". How can one stay CCC ( Cool, Calm and Collected") when someone delivers a death blow to the ego? I showed her my copy of the book. She shrugged and said in her cute Manglish, "I agree, lah. But must try also can."

Got an opportunity to appear on The Breakfast Show of Malaysia's NTV7 with the fast talking Will Kuah who has a very MTV-ish personality and way of speaking. It was aired at 9:30am on 30th Aug 2005.

Difficult to ask insightful questions if you have not read the book fully - and he really had not been given time enough. Given that he had not heard of XLRI or Jamshedpur, he did not ask me the second most popular press question - is Management Institute of Jamshedpur just another name for XLRI, Jamshedpur? So he HAD to ask the obvious question - you guessed it - "Is Abbey your alter ego?" At least slightly different variation of "Is Abbey you?"

And when he wanted me to show the viewers some of Abbey's Classnotes, I kept flipping the pages desperately trying to locate one while trying to keep the conversation going and wondering why the lights had to be so bright that not only was I unable to locate any cartoons, all the pages seemed blank under the glare of a million spotlights. After what seemed like hours I located the one on Ayesha's eyes (my fave) and then changed my mind in case I offended any conservative viewer. Then settled for the sketch on Strategic Planning Classnotes of Pari.

Will said that as soon as Mediocre But Arrogant becomes a film, he will feature it on his other show called MY ENTERTAINMENT (ENG) Mon to Fri, 12PM which is an exciting, slick daily show that gives you the latest in international and local entertainment news. Covering music, movies, fashion and beyond.

Maybe some day even that will happen. After all where there is a Will (Kuah) there's a way.

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