Wednesday, August 31, 2005 Review

Words weave their tales
Two books that could keep you company, when your stuck in traffic.
2005-08-22 12:05

Books always give everyone chance. The readers get to live their experiences vicariously in the comfort of their homes while authors are given... well, a chance to write and if they are successful, then fame and pots of money as well.

Yet another book making news is 'Mediocre but Arrogant' written by a "Gomba". Well, this is not a pseudonym but stands for "grossly overpaid MBA!" Anyway, this book is about love in the time of management.

It's an interesting read, if you're still nostalgic about your college days. And while it also packs in the humour, 'Mediocre But Arrogant' by Abhijit Bhaduri provides you with an intuitive, insightful and reminiscent account of your student days.

The book has it all - from the college wisecrack, to the guy who plays Bob Dylan on his guitar, to the class hottie that every guy is trying to woo, bad hostel food and the works. But just in case you thought the title reflected the caliber of MBA graduates, the author himself a human resources graduate from XLRI rushes to explain.

Abhijit Bhaduri says, "With a very mediocre understanding of human relationships, when you do a course in HR or management or any kind of higher degree course, there is a certain amount of arrogance that comes into people, which says I begin to understand people. One of the greatest myths is everybody believes they are great at communication and great at working with people."

But the irreverent attitude doesn't go down well with the professors at IIM. Director of the IIM-Bangalore, Prakash G Apte says, "Life on MBA campus, especially at an IIM campus is quite tough. There is not much time left for love, let me tell you. We keep them busy from morning to evening, we demand a tremendous amount of homework from them!"
So, if love was such a forbidden fruit, that should make this book that much more compelling.

To read extracts of Mediocre But Arrogant :

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