Saturday, August 20, 2005

Mediocre But Arrogant Hits Best Sellers List

Oxford Bookstore

1. The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
2. The Hungry Tide -Amitav Ghosh
3. Mediocre But Arrogant - Abhijit Bhaduri
4. The Zahir - Paulo Coelho
5. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Read an excerpt from the site


Madhukar said...

You seem to have come back to the blog with a vengence;0)

the CNBC coverage was good, and congrats for becoming the author of a bestselling book.

Hope the next part of the assignment will be submitted in time - grades will be deducted if it takes another 7 years to complete;0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fatty, Abbey, God, whatever,

Just finished reading the book and is it Deja Vu or Nostalgia or
serendipity (learnt a new word) that everything you wrote is accidently familiar. I grew up in Jampot (stayed in the Telco Colony), saw movies 3 times a week at the Nildih / Telco Club, ate in a Dhaba called Chhedis all my
college life, drank rum out of matkas (RumonTap), even had 8 girls in my MBA class , etc. etc.). Read the book, took 3 days off from work, listened
to Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and The Doors - felt great.
The book is a fun read and I am sure it will do well - but definitely will not be a prescribed text for MA Literature! Hope your publishers market it well !!!


Anonymous said...

hi abbey,
medicore but arrogant is a good read,but u didn't tell what happened to keya n ayesha,did u marry any one of them??what did keya told u after coming to delhi??u have left some questions unanswered.plz ans them.looking forward to your reply. with regards sachin

Anonymous said...

Dear Abhijit ( or should i say Abbey),

I had read about Mediocre but Arrogant in a feature that Business World carried sometime back. Then last week I read a review in the week. And I decided to buy it. Had read 'five point someone' sometime back and was apprehensive that it would be similar. But I guess all campuses have their unique tales to tell.

First a confession, i passed out of Symbiosis three years back and somehow landed up into academics ( serendipity, as you say in the book, getting into MBA was also serendipity). I have been doing some amount of writing in the last three years, mostly in the area of finance and economics. But my long term plan was to write a novel on a bschool. But now that you have already written one will have to think of something else. Or as they say, in the movies, will have to give it a different treatment. Right now facing the same problem as you were, am too lazy to start.

What touched me the most about the book, was its simplicity. Most of the Indian writing in English is complicated, to say the least. Lot of the one liners in the book were really good. The way the campus life has been depicted tells me things haven't changed much. Its just that banerjee babu has been replaced by I see my students ( i teach in a bschool) facing the same problems which you guys did. Now that placements are around the corner everybody wants to read business newspapers and magazines. Guess one change that is noticeable is the fact that there are a lot more girls these days and good ones too.

The business world article said that this book is the first part of the trilogy you plan to write. And you have left enough scope for the sequel. And I am looking forward to it. Professionally I am not going through a good time and reading your book made me forget about all the problems.

Thanks and Regards

Vivek Kaul
ICFAI Business School

Anonymous said...

I just finished the book yesterday. I just couldn't get my hands off the book once I started reading it. It is a well written work of art, a well knit story about the love and life in a Business School, providing a great insight to what a mba aspirant's future life can be.
I had just finished the book "Snapshots from hell" by Peter Robinson which has a mention in the comments. YOur book is indeed an Indian answer to that book but it gives you a more local feeling.
At various points in the book there are sentences which are worth quoting and hence I've made a note of them....specially the ones spoken by 'Rusty', who is indeed my favourite character.
The sketches & humour are another things that make the book interesting.

With best wishes,

PS: Indeed out of a reader's curiosity: Did Keya met Abbey and what had happened with her? My guess-family problems and pressure-maybe for marriage. What do you say

Anonymous said...

Dear Abhijit,

Just finished your book.Found it extremely refreshing and endearing.All the characters,all the situations gave me a sense of deja vu.In fact 'Basanto and the hostel mess' reinforced my theory that all the hostel messes are run by one tycoon who has standardised the food and the service quality( I will not be surprised if someone told me that the entire operation flows a strict franchisee selection model).

Thank you for taking me 15 years back .Wish you all the very best and success.

Much regards


Anonymous said...

i met u yesterday at 6 pm and now its 2 pm and 20hrs have passed ,i
was up throughout the night and read ur book!! i must say i should have wished u dear or respected but what the heck if you are writing a book in our language (english and some slang--the way we speak in college!!) u need to be called the way we college goers greet each other!! yo!! howz u?
the many things that we people have in common-i read your book and i must say nothing has change for the last 20 years-ur generation where u had gavaskar and Pink Floyd and now the genX where we have Blue,eminem ,etc the same blood flows within our veins too. today was my first day at engineering college ,the things i read in your book -ah who's that hot girl!!! and all -same feelings here,we are a breed -the college goers --we are all the same.
i must say now that u have written the book in a very true to the
spirit college language --the F word is used quite liberally -it
might shoo off the purists --i guess u have to cut down on it a bit -but then its ok the more the college language more college goers will buy it. i took your book to college today and showed it to my new friends-they
were caught hook line and sinker!! they loved it big time!! they took
me to the nearest bookshop-crossword--they did not have your book -my friends placed order -6 books sold i am doing my part in making you famous and soon i shall see to it that all the people have it in my college .you are better off selling it to us trust me you have written a masterpiece - a book people like us will love and cherish we all leave behind some part of our lives in school
and college-your book very effectively transports us there--when i was in junior college --we had to celebrate birthdays among friends-we would see the birthday guy at the canteen buying himself and his girl friend or some select friends a treat and the minute he opens his wallet people appear from nowhere and fleece him left, right and center -we enjoy such moments !! your book lets us relive those wonderful moments .the typical smell of fried stuff in the canteen,
that hot girl in the second bench, that rich friend who would burn
money bigtime,the book worm and the geek,this a world of our own,well i never expected you to write such a book - when i read your invitation letter i was expecting some management book with a lot of marketing
and business lingo !! but hey the book was a different thing -i never
dreamt of it!! you still have the college goer's blood in you .you may look old but you will get along very well with any group in college!! i look forward to your other 2 books!! and knowing you makes me say --SURPRISE ME!!

shyamali said...

Yo Abhijit!!!!!!

CONGRATS! the book made the best seller instincts...I told you it would.....
I am sooooooooooooooo Happy for you.Its simply a great feeling.....
Where's my treat?
next time when you visit India we'll see to it......JOKING!