Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Statesman, Kolkata 4th Aug 2005

For a few laughs
ABHlJIT Bhaduri's 'Mediocre But Arrogant’ was released at Oxford Bookstore on 3 August. It is a lighthearted read about the most coveted degree of the last three decades – the MBA

Published by Indialog Publications, the book revolves around Abbey, a MBA student. He said: "The protagonist is aimless, to an extent like me. When I was about to join high school, I did not know which stream to choose. I did not want to study science and humanities students had 'little scope', I took up commerce but nobody spoke of book keeping! It took me seven years to write the book but I'll be quicker with the sequel." The first of a trilogy the story is about Abbey doing his MBA. Book two follows Abbey into the corporate world and the third will be about Abbey pursuing his dreams."

Abhijit is a human resources professional and is currently posted in the US. The former student of Xavier Labour Relations Institute has also illustrated several books and is an accomplished cartoonist. He hosts a popular radio show in the US about classic Hindi movies and music on Radio EBC.

Also present at the launch was Russi Mody and Ram Ray, CEO Response India. Mr Mody said: "M stands for Modi but I don't know what MBA is all about. I've studied at Oxford University tor three years and I behaved like a lunatic, for I was there on my father’s money. So whenever someone speaks of MBA, I say good luck.” As for the ad guru, he said: "Reading the book was like going to a party, a party one does not forget. The book made me revisit college."


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Great blog. Abhitij, eventhough you spent your father's money did you pass?